Monday, November 9, 2009

Proof that miracles do happen!!

This post is dedicated to an amazing friend and mother!! Tearni we love you so much!
She is such an amazing women and mother to her sweet son Jonas! Tearni was recently put in the ICU on life support and Doctors were saying the chances of her surviving were slim, She is not one to give up and she is improving so much everyday. She is a fighter and it is so amazing to see how well she is doing! She really is proof that miracles do happen and that she is here for a reason! She has so many friends and family supporting her and it is helping her get through this so please keep praying for her!! Here are a few pictures from her mom Jodi!

Tearni and her 2 year old son Jonas

Tearni smiling for the picture

There is a video of her saying I love you and being attentive, I'm just not sure how to add it so if you want to see it go here.. ( I also dont know how to add a link so your going to have to copy and paste lol :] )
It is on my facebook page so you will need to add me as a friends to see if you haven't already! It really is an amazing video though!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

GOOD and BAD news....


The YANKEE'S won the world series and whooped the Phillies in game 6!! Whoop! Whoop! Go YANKEES Go YANKEES go go Go YANKEES! Chase and two of his brothers are the only Yankees fans in the family so its a BIG DEAL, the rest of the fam are SOX fans :( My family are also fans of the SOX...


What is with the JAZZ this year?? C'mon guys pull it together! We are so disappointed in them with these last few games. They do awesome then blow it in the 4th quarter. UGH
Hopefully they can take the win tonight against the Spurs, they are doing great so far but again they always do pretty good in the first 3 quarters so we will see! Of course we will always be JAZZ<3FANS but come on now give us something to cheer for!

P.S D-Will is so good looking... mmmm.. look at that smile!!

EaT, dRiNk, AnD bE sCaRy

Oh how we love Halloween!! Chase gets excited about Halloween in march or actually he starts talking about what he's going to be the next year the week of Halloween, he really gets into it and enjoys experimenting with makeup and making himself and others look scary. Id have to say he has a talent with theatrical makeup! We really cant wait till we have our own place to get it all decked out in Halloween decor, hopefully we will have money by then to do so. ha ha
Here are some pictures from Halloween 08' and 09' ENJOY!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gone Fishin...

Okay, so I found this fishing hole right down the street from our house.. it's pretty much the shiznit! I have been going there for a few weeks now and I've caught a ton of fish. So I made this unusual thought to ask my niece and nephew come with me fishing. After the first time, Cassie is pretty much a fishing addict.. so then the next time.. I made the mistake of asking Kayla if she wanted to come fishing with us.. she stuck around for about 40 minute.. then left us there for over an hour.. didn't matter though.. we had a good time. So I've made a couple friends down there, it's great. Okay, so you know those kids that go fishing that think they've caught a fish every 15 seconds then reel in their line and realize that they were just pulling on their own pole.. yeah.. these two kids that had the most gnarly looking duck tale hair I've ever seen.. would not stop saying that.. I wanted to throw them in the lake.. not only because of their hair.. but partially because every time I caught a fish.. they would throw their line right next to mine.. and ask me.. "Did ya get one?" Every 12 seconds...

Im not a big fan of fishing, I think its pretty boring actually and hate all the bugs.. I get eatin alive everytime so its not really my thing but I love that Chase has found something to do so hes not so bored all the time. Its also nice to kind of have some alone time from eachother since we work together we usually are together 24/7 so its nice for both of us!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NeW mOoN tRaiLeR= AmAzInG!!

I stole this clip from a friends blog and wanted to share it with all of you (or the 2 or 3 of you that actually look at this :) lol) Anyways hope you ENJOY!
I cant wait for the midnight showing!

Family Pics 2009

We had our pictures taken back in May. We love how they turned out!
If anyone is needing pictures done, I definitely recommend Butterfly Love Photography!
Check out her blog..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

SuMmEr Of '09

Its been awhile since Iv posted anything new so here are a few things that have happened since my last post.

We decided to move into my dads house in July to save some money for a house and get out of debt! So far getting out of debt seems to be working we are getting ahead of our bills and it feels so good, no more stress.. for now! Living with my parents has helped us so much so we just want to say Thanks to my Dad and Linda for letting us stay here for a little while and we appreciate everything you have done to help us get caught up! Since we were moving into my parents house we unfortunately had to get rid of our cute dog Boomer, we miss him so much he was such a fun dog and was so attached to us so it was hard but something we needed to do if we wanted to get out of debt. Luckily a friend from high school was willing to take him so it works out to our advantage, we can still see him and they already have a dog so he now has a friend and yard to play in! We love you Boomer!

Well besides moving here are some other things we have done this summer...

-Celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary!
-Blake and Camden turned 3
-Real Salt Lake! Woot Woot!
-Spent time with my brother and his family who came in from Cali (hadn't seen them fro about 5 yrs)
-We both got new jobs and are working together
-Hiked Doughnut Falls (SP?)
-Tons of BBQ's
-Hanging out with new friends
-Went with my mom and sister to the Toby Keith concert
-Spent time with both our families!

That is all I can think of for now.
We have had a great summer this year and cant believe we have been married a year already! We have been through so much and I believe we have gotten so much closer from it! We cant wait to spend so many more years together!
Chase is looking forward to the snowboarding season he has been ready since the first month of summer but I say keep bringing on that HEAT!

I guess that's all for now! I hope everyone has had a great summer!!